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The Darknet & Telegram Search Engine for Companies

Darknet & Telegram OSINT

None of your searches on the Darknet are recorded. Tool strictly reserved for the economy, industry, and defense. All illegal searches (pornography, weapons, drugs…) are prohibited. Each request containing elements intended for these targets will be blocked. State departments & other authorised companies are allowed to access specifics data through data filter management features.

Detect data leaks

Prevent cyber & physical attacks

Daily reporting (sub. only)

Easy to use

Darknet made easy

What is the Darknet?

The Darknet is an encrypted area of the internet, inaccessible to traditional search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…).

It is notably used by cyber-criminals and activists, who disclose on forums the data of businesses or individuals victimized by their cyber-attacks.

This data, accessible to all, serves them to find new targets, particularly through phishing.

The darknet search engine

Why use OwlyScan ?

To understand the exposure of your business related to information and data present on the Darknet.


To enable businesses to anticipate and protect themselves from the risks of attacks (identity theft, ransom demands, selling information to competitors, penetrations and their legal consequences).


To become aware of an IT or human security flaw and be able to address it immediately by implementing protective and defensive measures.


Benefits for Your Business

The first search engine for information in the Darknet for business use

OwlyScan, a unique search engine

How it works?

01. Indexing

Owlyscan daily indexes all unencrypted data and archives, excluding media, on the Darknet & Telegram.


Owlyscan a giant index of several Peta Bytes (1 peta = 1 million GB).

02. Search

Querying is done as on a traditional search engine, using keywords.

Owlyscan searches for sites that contain the sensitive data matching  your search criteria.

03. Report

Owlyscan writes a report that extensively details the results of your searches:


Excel/CSV formatted file listing all links related to the sensitive documents found and directly accessible from Tor.


Excel/CSV formatted file listing all unobfuscated credentials.



The advantages of OwlyScan


The servers and all the data collected are hosted by a sovereign actor in France.


Owlyscan, the search engine that respects the EU legal framework on Search Engines.


We don’t save:


queries’ authors



Anonymous guaranteed.


Importantly, we protect our users from illegal content (including sex, drugs, weapons) thanks to AI-based automatic filters.

3 options to facilitate the use of OwlyScan

Pour les entreprises

From a list of established queries (name of the company, name of a contract, a product, a patent, or any other sensitive data) and at a chosen frequency, we search for variations in the results between each cycle. In case of the appearance of a search criterion, an alert report will be immediately sent to you. You will thus be able to understand and assess the threat to respond to it.

More complex businesses have the ability to acquire a large number of queries globally and allocate these queries by departments and services (with a unique username and password per user).

Bulk processing

OwlyScan is natively designed to monitor complex groupings, composed of a very large number of sub-entities or subsidiaries.

Flat file import functions (CSV such as those produced by Excel) allow you to massively import your search criteria for the entire group, whether it consists of 10, 100, or 1000 entities.

Nos formules entreprise

Our business package


1 Search
No subscription
150 € incl. VAT
Usable within 12 months
5 Searches
120 € / search
600 € incl. VAT
Usable within 12 months
10 Searches
100 € / search
1000 € incl. VAT
Usable within 12 months
100 Searches/year
3-year subscription
Billed annually
45 €/search
4500 € excl. VAT/year
Usable within 12 months
Excess carryover to the following year
Additional Searches by group of 10/500/1000
500 Searches/year
3-year subscription
Billed annually
17 €/search
8500 € excl. VAT/year
Usable within 12 months
Excess carryover to the following year
Additional Searches by group of 10/500/1000
1000 Searches/year
3-year subscription
Billed annually
15 €/search
15000 € excl. VAT/year
Usable within 12 months
Excess carryover to the following year
Additional Searches by group of 10/500/1000
Unlimited Searches
3-year subscription
Billed annually
50 000 € excl. VAT/year
Utilisable dans les 12 mois
Nombre de critère illimité
100 users
Alert Option
3-year subscription
For recurring multi-criteria searches
Pricing available upon request only

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    Owlyscan is a product of SitinCloud.

    SitinCloud is a member of GICAT, the Group of French Industries for Defense and Land and Aerial Security.