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The Darknet search engine

Cybersecurity solutions for businesses

    *None of your searches on the Darknet are recorded. This tool is strictly reserved for business, industry and defense.
    All illegal searches (pornography, weapons, drugs...) are forbidden. Any request containing elements destined for these targets will be blocked...

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    We explain everything

    What is the Darknet?

    The Darknet is an encrypted area of the Internet, inaccessible
    to traditional search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo...).

    It is used in particular by cyber-criminals and activists, who post on forums the data of companies or individuals who have fallen victim to their computer attacks.

    This data, accessible to all, is used to find
    new targets, particularly through phishing.

    The Darknet search engine

    Why use the OwlyScan search engine?

    Find out about your company's exposure to information and data on the Darknet.


    To enable companies to anticipate and protect themselves against the risks of attacks (identity theft, ransomware, selling information to competitors, penetration and their legal consequences). 


    To become aware of an IT or human security flaw and be able to remedy it immediately by implementing protection and defense measures. 


    Benefits for your company

    The first Darknet information search engine for businesses

    OwlyScan, a unique search engine

    How does it work?

    01. Indexing

    Owlyscan indexes all unencrypted, non-media data and archive files on the Darknet on a daily basis.


    Owlyscan generates a giant database of several Peta BytesPo (1 peta = 1 million GB).

    02. Search

    Searching for information is like using a traditional search engine, with the use of keywords.

    Owlyscan searches for sites containing sensitive data corresponding to your search criteria.

    03. Report

    Owlyscan generates a report that extensively details your search results.

    This PDF or Excel/CSV report includes links to sensitive documents found and directly accessible from Tor.


    OwlyScan benefits


    The servers and all the data collected are hosted by a sovereign player in France.


    With Owlyscan, there's no risk of breaking the law. The search engine complies with the French legal framework on RIFI (research on the Internet for information leaks).


    The keywords used and the authors of the searches are not recorded. We therefore do not collect any metadata linked to your searches, which remain anonymous. We only collect billing-related metadata.


    Importantly, we protect our users from illegal content (including sex, drugs and weapons) thanks to automatic AI-based filters.

    3 options to make OwlyScan easier to use

    For companies


    From a list of established queries (company name, contract name, product name, patent name, or any other sensitive data) and according to a chosen frequency, we look for variations in results between each cycle.

    If a search criterion appears, an alert report is immediately sent to you.

    This will enable you to understand and assess the threat, and respond accordingly.


    More complex companies have the ability to acquire a large number of requests globally, and to assign these requests to departments and services (with a unique identity and password for each user).

    Mass processing

    OwlyScan is natively designed to monitor complex groups made up of a very large number of sub-entities or subsidiaries.


    Flat file import functions (CSV as produced by Excel) allow you to bulk import your search criteria for the entire group, whether it's made up of 10, 100 or 1000 entities.

    Our corporate packages


    1 Search
    no subscription
    150 € INCL. VAT
    Can be used for 12 months
    5 Research
    120 € research
    600 € INCL. VAT
    Can be used for 12 months
    10 Research
    100 € research
    1000 € INCL. VAT
    Can be used for 12 months
    100 searches / year
    3-year subscription
    Billed annually
    45 € per search
    4500 € HT / year
    Can be used within 12 months
    Surplus carried forward to the following year
    Additional searches by 10/500/1000
    500 searches / year
    3-year subscription
    Billed annually
    17 € per search
    8500 € HT / year
    Can be used within 12 months
    Surplus carried forward to the following year
    Additional searches by 10/500/1000
    1000 searches / year
    3-year subscription
    Billed annually
    15 € per search
    1500 € HT / year
    Can be used within 12 months
    Surplus carried forward to the following year
    Additional searches by 10/500/1000
    Unlimited searches
    3-year subscription
    Billed annually
    50,000 excl. tax / year
    Can be used within 12 months
    Unlimited number of criteria
    Up to 100 users possible
    Alert option
    3-year subscription
    For recurring multi-criteria searches
    Price available on request only

    and now

    Getting started with OwlyScan

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    You will then be redirected to our secure site, where you can create your account, purchase search tokens and conduct your first searches on the Darknet.


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        Owlyscan is a product of SitinCloud.

        SitInCloud is a member of GICAT, the Groupement des industries françaises de défense et de sécurité terrestre et aérienne.